Merchantmen of Britain - MOB Manual Corn Grinders

MOB corn grinders are used to grind dry maize seeds for maize flour, also coffee beans, dried meat and many other items - they can be supplied with either a high or a low hopper.
  • Complete body and all moving parts are electroplated with tin
  • Replaceable, high definition grinding plates cast from hard white iron produce a finer graded end product and ensure long service life
  • Critical casting and machining tolerances ensure the auger fits tightly within the body of the chamber resulting in increased efficiency to grinding process
  • Externally mounted support bracket stabilises the auger within body chamber to produce perfect alignment
  • Adjustable eye bolt allows grinding plates to be set according to size of grains required
  • Safety guard protects hands from revolving grinding plates
  • Rubber mounting pad allows unit to be clamped firmly to table/bench